Wait, do I really have to consume a certain amount of protein?

What is actually protein? Are there any particular reasons why I should care so much about it?

Proteins are the main building blocks of an organism and a human’s body. They are made out of amino acids, which form long chains in various forms. Some of the amino acids are naturally produced in our own bodies, but others should be got from food. Proteins are in charge of the making of enzymes, organs, hormones, muscles, hair, blood. Life is hard to imagine without them.

Protein is a nutrient of great importance to our bodies. If you do not fuel yourself with the proper amount of it, it will suffer. That is the reason why you ought to carefully create a healthy and balanced diet. Not only does it contribute to your physical health, but your mind and mood will be significantly improved. Remember that the quality of protein is just as important as the quantity.

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Hmm, do you want to know how much protein is recommended to be consumed per day?

Well, there are many different points of view when it comes to the quantity of protein that a person needs. The majority of nutritionists advise on relatively little protein intake. It can be seen on the Internet that you should consume approximately 0.4 grams per pound (two times more grams per kilogram).

Is there a difference in the amount that a man or woman needs?

If you do not want to calculate that, the statistic shows that an ordinary man should eat about 56 grams of protein a day and a woman 46 grams respectively.

Is gender the only thing that indicates the protein intake?

No, the intake of protein is highly dependent on your lifestyle. Of course when you are working out regularly or doing a job, which requires hard physical work, you should consume more of that special nutrient, in order your tissues and muscles to be repaired. Other factors that must be paid attention to are age, physique goals and health state.

What could I include in my diet to be sure that I get the right amount of protein?

Well, there are many food alternatives, which will supply you with sufficient proteins. Some of the best proteins sources are eggs, fish, meat and diary products. However, there are numerous plant-based foods that are high in protein. Examples for that are nuts, legumes and quinoa. In conclusion, eating enough protein is vital for leading a happy and healthy life. It would be surely hard to track your protein intake each day, but it is very easy to make a meal plan, which includes some of the mentioned foods.

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