Good Sleep

Do you underestimate the importance of a good sleep?

Have you ever wondered why you feel dizzy even before a workout?

In order to feel energetic, you should pay attention not only to the food and supplements that you consume, but also to your recovery after a hard training session. Recovery is crucial for success.

A good night sleep is just as essential as having a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Unfortunately, the fast pace of living nowadays is interfering with natural sleep patterns. Not only do people sleep less, but also has the quality of sleep dramatically decreased. Many people suffer from sleep deprivation and that often leads to severe health problems such as insomnia.

What could possibly happen if I do not sleep long enough?

  • a greater consumption of food, weight gain, obesity, depression

Sleeping just a few hours a day is often linked with weight gain and increase of body fat. Although it is hard to believe, the lack of sleep is one of the greatest risk factors for obesity. Feeling tired and sleepy, people tend to eat more sugary foods and as everyone knows, sweets are full of calories. Furthermore, a number of studies have shown that sleep-deprived individuals have a bigger appetite. It is not to neglect that those who sleep very few hours a day often develop mental problems such as depressions and this way the risk of committing a suicide rapidly increases.

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What are the benefits of sleeping 7-9 hours per night?

  • significant improvement of productivity, concentration and immune function

It is widely known that a good sleep enhances memory performance and problem-solving skills. You can not deny that after having slept a little bit more than usual, you feel relaxed and enthusiastic about tackling the daily problems and tasks. You also come up with new ideas and perspectives. Immune function is highly dependent on the length of a regular sleep. The less you sleep, the more susceptible are you to sicknesses.

To conclude, sleeping enough is vital for both your physical and mental health. Along with daily exercise and nutrition, it is extremely important for leading a healthy and balanced life. If you want to be happy and energetic you should provide your body with at least 7 hour night sleep.

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