How can a fitness tracker help you reach your goals?

Setting fitness goals can be an arduous process. However, whether it’s losing weight, staying in shape or building muscle, it’s a process that needs to be clearly defined in order to pursue the most effective workout routine. Unfortunately, for some, reaching their goals might seem more difficult than they initially thought when first going through the goal setting process. The good thing is, there are plenty of options one can take to get the assistance they need in order to reach their goals. Perhaps, the most cost effective, efficient and personalized option for assistance is by using a fitness tracker.

Clear Direction

A fitness tracker helps you to stay on the fitness path that you carved out with your goals. You can view your workouts daily, see what tomorrow holds, and always track your progress. It’s a road map to the destination of better health. Additionally, fitness trackers maximize your gym time by clearly laying out what exercises you are doing each session, the volume of sets and reps, and how much rest time to take between each set. You will always know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.


Accountability can make or break your efforts in the gym. Without someone or something holding you accountable, you can easily skip a workout, slack on an exercise, use poor form or go off your routine altogether. Some people don’t have workout partners or can’t afford a personal trainer to hold them accountable. So, their best option is a fitness tracker because it provides all of the data from past and present workouts, it will show your progress or lack thereof, and it will hold you to the workout program that you are on.


One great aspect of fitness trackers is that they can inspire or motivate users to keep working hard. Fitness trackers like GrowBIG, will display your workouts and body measurements over a period of time via beautiful charts and graphs. When you see the workouts increase, or the body weight and fat decrease, it’s exciting. In fact, it’s the exact motivation you need to keep on pushing toward your fitness goals.

Proper Adjustments

Fitness trackers allow users the opportunity to make adjustments in their workout program. For example, if the weight is too light or the exercise hurts your joints, fitness trackers can help you to choose another exercise or make the proper adjustments in weight and volume. Make sure that the fitness tracker has an exercise library to help you choose a suitable replacement exercise. The GrowBIG app not only has an extensive library of exercises, but it also has a vast library of workout programs.

With the GrowBIG app, each exercise will have instructions on how to perform the exercise, which muscles they target and a video showing how to properly do the exercise. This app makes sure that users know how to safely perform exercises and which ones target the same muscle groups.

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