How can a fitness tracker help keep you accountable?

Accountability can be defined as a process where you are held responsible and answerable to accomplishing a goal or task. In the fitness world, this means being held accountable to your fitness goals. So, as an example, if you are trying to lose weight then you would be held accountable to the goal of weight loss through the fitness plan that was constructed to accomplish this goal.

Typically, we are held accountable to our fitness goals by a friend, loved one or workout partner. For some, a personal trainer can hold them accountable. But, what if you don’t have a trainer or any individual to help you remain accountable? What do you do then? The answer may surprise you, but a fitness tracker can actually provide you with the accountability that you just might need to reach those goals. And, here’s how:

Know What to Do and When

With a fitness tracker, you will know what workouts to do and when. Apps like GrowBIG allow users to create an entire Workout Program, coordinate the sequence and frequency of workouts, then schedule the workouts on a Calendar. There’s no excuse that you don’t know what to do, how to do, or when to do it. Seeing your program in writing, on an app, is convicting and holds you accountable to getting the workouts done as intended.

Log All Data

Logging all of your workout data is a very transparent process that allows you to see what you are doing in the gym. If you are slacking or working hard, you will see it. Writing down, or in this case logging the data, is a powerful way to keep you accountable to the workouts that you are doing and the effort that you are supposed to put forth.

Monitor Progress

With a fitness tracker, you can monitor your progress toward your overall goals. And, with apps like GrowBIG, you can view your progress via charts and graphs. Nobody wants to see a chart or graph that heads in the wrong direction. Not only is it motivating to see your workout data point toward progress, it can keep you accountable to working hard in the gym and the kitchen.

Share Programs and Get Feedback

Just because you don’t have someone to physically hold you accountable, doesn’t mean you can’t share your progress and workout programs with others. GrowBIG has a community of users who rate and comment on other workout programs. By putting yours out there, you can get some feedback that may help you to adjust your workout program based on your goals.

Track Body Measurements

Last but, not least, tracking your body measurements will quickly show if you are losing that weight, gaining weight, putting on muscle mass, getting in shape or simply not working hard enough. It’s also an eye opener to see your measurements in stunning visual graphics and charts, like the ones found in GrowBIG. Knowing that you are entering your measurements (like body weight) every week or two, will hold you accountable to performing the workouts each week so that you can progress toward your overall goals.

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