How can an app help you in the gym?

With the advancements of technology, we can literally find an app for just about every need in our lives. In fact, apps have revolutionized the fitness industry by maximizing our gym sessions, improving the way we workout and everything in between. If you haven’t already tried out a fitness app, then check out the following reasons why you should:

Workout Log

Apps have replaced the old-school method of writing down your workouts in a notebook. In fact, save the trees and just download apps instead. A fitness tracker app provides the perfect solution to tracking all of your workout programs, monitoring your progress and more. Additionally, you can view past or present workouts, schedule workouts for the rest of the month, monitor your progress via charts or graphs and more. With a fitness tracker app, you will definitely maximize each and every gym session.

Workout Designer

Struggling to find a good workout? Looking to spice things up in the gym? There are apps that allow you to create your own workout or try out workouts that are already created by professionals and other weightlifters. Additionally, you can also view celebrity workouts and see if you can duplicate their success. Creating a workout can be something simple or complex, it really depends on what you are looking to accomplish.

Learn New Exercises

Perhaps, you’re a beginner at the gym and unfamiliar with some exercises or machines. There are apps that will teach you how to safely perform exercises. They typically provide instructional details, the body parts that are targeted, and some apps will even have a YouTube video for you to watch and see how the exercise is performed properly.

Monitor Body Measurements

One of the coolest features for a fitness app is the ability to monitor body measurements. This could be anything from body weight and body fat percentage to circumference measurements of your arms and thighs. If you have goals that include transforming your body by dropping weight and body fat or by adding some lean muscle, then monitoring your measurements is essential to accomplishing your goals. Some apps will even display your data on charts or graphs, which are very visually appealing and inspiring.

Connect to Your Gym

Depending on which gym you go to, they might even have their own official app. These apps would allow you to view the schedule for upcoming group exercise classes, see hours of operations, get notifications for any deals and discounts, contact staff or trainers, find other locations and more.

Choosing the Best App

The best gym app would be one that allows you to do everything we mentioned on this list. Well, everything other than having direct contact with your gym. Fortunately, there is one such app that meets the reasons on this list and more. The app’s name is GrowBIG, and it might just be the tool you need to reach those fitness goals and push further than you have ever gone before.

GrowBIG not only provides high quality tools to track all of your workouts and body measurements, but it also has the most amazing user interface with plenty of charts and graphs to view all of your data. Additionally, GrowBIG has a vast exercise database and a growing workout library. If you can’t find what you are looking for in these libraries, there’s an option to add new exercises or create and share your own workouts.

This app combines the best of various fitness niches like workout designer and fitness tracker, to create one of the most advanced fitness apps on the market. Take your gym sessions to the next level with GrowBIG.

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