Bodyweight exercises

Are bodyweight exercises effective?

Building your dream physique is definitely possible just by doing bodyweight exercises. After all, you will not have to suffer through endless tedious reps in the gym and, in fact, your training session would last much shorter. This way you would be able to dedicate your precious time not only on your physical health, but also on activities that expand your knowledge. You should also not forget the fact that you would not need a gym membership and the money that was usually spent on it could be used for other personal purposes.

All you need to achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of is, well, your body. But bodyweight workouts aren’t just easy to do; they’re also extremely effective. A number of studies have found that this type of exercise decreases body fat, improves VO2 max and boosts muscular fitness. As it was mentioned before, it is not a time-consuming activity and you could train your body whenever you have some free time.

Knowing that, we expect you’ll want to find out which moves are good for your physique, right? We have collected 5 of the best bodyweight exercises and workouts, so you can carve a perfect body whenever, wherever.


This age-old exercise activates every muscle in your body when performed correctly. Just ensure your hands are an equal distance apart and directly underneath your shoulders.



While it might be true that the name of this exercise sounds horrible, it is excellent for warming up. This intense exercise pumps blood to almost all muscles in your lower-body and decreases the risk of strain or injury while upping your heart rate for the next muscle-building moves.


Step-up with knee raises

This training strengthens the stabilizing muscles. If you feel that your right side is weaker than your left, do some extra 10-15 reps with that one leg.

Step-up with knee raises

Long jump

This move targets your body’s all-important fast-twitch muscle fibres and therefore helps you increase your explosive strength.


Frozen V-Sit

Searching for your six-pack? An excellent way to achieve it, just keep your back straight in order to get the most out of the exercise.

Frozen V-Sits

Perhaps the benefits of this workout have made you interested in searching for more bodyweight exercises. You are lucky, because there are plenty of them on the Internet. Even the greatest athletes include them in their training routines, as they are essential for reaching their goals.

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