Stronger body

3 tips for stronger body

Well, we can offer you some piece of advice. But first, you should define your goals. Why are you working out? Maybe you would like to try out a new sports activity with your training buddy? Have you got just some free time that you do not know to use? Do you want to be healthier, to increase your lifespan and to be energetic on a daily basis? OR are you interested in gaining weight and being generally fit? IF THAT IS THE CASE, we could help you!

Just follow these 3 simple instructions and you will be highly likely to transform yourself!


Besides training hard, you ought to fuel your body properly. Pay attention to what you are eating. The higher your protein intake is, the faster your muscles will grow. Try to eat about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weigh. This is approximately the greatest amount of protein that your body is able to use per day.

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2.EAT (hope you guys enjoy indulging in food)

In addition to consuming enough protein, you should also eat a lot of calories. We could advise you to have a light meal every 3 hours as this way you will not limit the rate at which the new proteins are built. The majority of people who cannot gain weight usually do not have an appropriate and balanced diet.

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3.Do NOT lift every day

Although many of you might find it surprising, muscle growth happens when your body is resting and not when you are actually working out. Experts have conducted surveys, which show that each full-body workout should be followed by a rest day. A challenging weight workout might increase the synthesis of protein, but a couple of hours are needed for that process. Hmm, you could try to go for a jog or a swim if you feel to energetic when it is supposed to have a free day. Bicycling is also a great option when the weather is sunny.

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Well, we would be very happy if these 3 key moments have been something new for you. It is true that there are numerous ways to increase body weight, but you should not only opt for protein powders and shakes. They might contain the greatest amount of protein, but those high-calorie beverages are full of sugar, which is absolutely unhealthy for you. Be careful when you chose your protein sources and do not trust every brand that you see in the store. Read the label of each product before buying it.

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