Leg Day

Some reasons why you should NOT skip leg day

Sadly, but the majority of bodybuilders and athletes do not enjoy doing leg exercises at all. Of course, there are some exceptions, but leg day is still widely known as unnecessary evil.

Are leg days actually so important? Why? Well, we are glad you asked. We will show you a couple of reasons that will make you carefully consider the next time you think of skipping leg exercises.

You will build more muscle

The growth of the muscle mass and strength depends on the testosterone which is a steroid hormone naturally produced in your body. It plays a key role in the health of men and it is highly advisable to do compound moves. For example squats and deadlifts, which use large muscle groups and elevate your T-levels.

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You will burn more calories

Did you know that your gluteus maximus, your backside, is the largest muscle in your body? These muscles require much energy when being intensively used and this way you will have to burn more calories. Whenever you have eaten a little bit too much, just include 30-50 more squats or burpees.

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You will look better

A healthy and balanced body is definitely more attractive than one which looks disproportionate. The results of many studies have shown namely that a natural look is way more appealing and sexy. We hope that you will pay attention to that fact when you prepare your training schedule.

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You will reduce the risk of injury

Poorly conditioned hamstrings, muscle imbalances and a lack of mobility could possibly lead to a lot of issues such as low back pain and minor injuries. Squats, deadlifts and lunges will help you strengthen your joints, mobility and stability. It is recommended to dedicate at least two days in a week only on your lower half. Do not hesitate the next time your training buddy asks you to join the leg workout.

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You will feel strong and confident

By doing different exercises for each muscle group you will be well-prepared to use your strength on a daily basis. It is great to know that you have not been working out only to look good and be liked by others, but to use your physical power in real life situations.

Take care of your body and do not forget to develop each part of it. And last but not least, unleash the beast in you and go for a leg workout! Right now!

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